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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wednesday - May 7

Had my usual walk in the morning. Weather is getting warmer and warmer. Did a little mending of some clothes and things for Theresa while she went to work at Cathy's. They both came home and we all had lunch together. I worked on the crossword puzzle for a bit later that afternoon and enjoyed some chit-chat with Theresa.

Later Cathy and Michael came and picked us up and went to get his parents and we all went out to Rudi Lechner's for a good German buffet. They had potatoes, pork roast, spaetzel (?), goulash, saurbrauten, sausage, chicken, meatballs, saurkraut, red cabbage, schnitzel and more. We all ate lots and lots. Somehow we even had room to share some deserts. Every Wednesday they give away two gifts and a free dinner. Those who win the free dinner are entered into their annual contest which is a trip to Germany. Anyway, Cathy won the second prize - two thick glass beer mugs, a T-shirt and a keychain. Even though we were all full we managed to not fall asleep on the ride home.


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