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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tuesday - May 6

Went for a walk as usual. Theresa, Kim and I went to Cathy's office so Kim could print out a picture of her bee that she needed for a final art project. After that Kim left for her last day or two of school and Theresa took me to the stables where I talked with Jane for a while. Theresa showed me all the different horses there - we saw a really, really tall horse and a 3-week old horse. The pastures had been flooded from all the rains yesterday. We also talked with Theresa's friend Shirley who has 2 horses there. Theresa gave me some horse treats to feed to Zoli and I did - with my bare hands. Theresa also showed me some of the latest things she has taught Zoli - he gave her a hug, and he picked a hankerchief from her pocket. Currently she is teaching him to bow. Pretty amazing. Then she showed me Jane's flower garden with lots of rose bushes.

After the stables we went to Willowbrook Mall to get some early birthday gifts for some people in Texas since I was here. Then we worked on the crossword and made pretty good progress. We had some meatloaf for dinner. I was good again today and did my weight exercises. We watched a little Drew Carey at night.


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