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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Thursday - May 8

Had my usual walk. Since Theresa didn't have to work today, we did a lot of work outside in her yard - we fertilized, repotted some plants, and mulched some plants. Theresa's Jasmin is in full bloom now and really smells good. Cathy came over for lunch and we had tuna fish salad sandwiches. Theresa ran some errands and got caught up on some paperwork. For dinner we had a roast chicken and I made homemade stuffing which everyone loved. Cathy came for dinner (I'm seeing a pattern here!). Michael stayed home because he thought we was getting sick. After dinner - we had lots of chit-chat time. I told lots of stories to Theresa and Cathy about what things were like when they - and Cheryl were all born. First of all, I told them how when Theresa was born, Dr. Hollan held her up and said "This is the most beautiful baby I have ever delivered." Then one time she had to call the doctor's house and his wife answered and she said, "Agnes, I just have to tell you what my husband said about your baby, "He said that she was the most beautiful baby he ever delivered." (No, there were no dry eyes in the house at this point.) I also told them the total bill for the delivery was only $200. Cathy did not like that news. It was a good night for chit chat.


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