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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thursday the 1st

Today I walked the usual amount. The weather was getting warmer each day. Had breakfast while Theresa was at the stables. I put the final coat of mineral oil on the salad bowls and Theresa said they look like new. Cathy came over for lunch and we had some leftover eggplant parmasian and other Italian foods from the restaurant the night before. While we were eating Theresa came home and joined us for lunch. I pressed half of Cathy's blouses that she saved up for my trip to Houston (man, that girl needs to learn to iron).

I'm really getting up on technology here. Theresa and I had a video chat session with Kim today. It was really amazing to look at the computer and she Kim in her dorm room at college.

Before dinner time, Cathy picked me up so I could stay at her house for a couple days. For dinner we had some leftover potato, cheese and ham casserole and some of Michael's famous Porkies. Then I was introduced to the Thursday night TV schedule of Michael and Cathy - Survivor, the Office and an old 30 Rock episode they had saved for a year because it was all about Cleveland. I didn't even fall asleep!


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