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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sunday - May 4

Today was poppyseed roll day. But first we took a walk again back at the Island Retreat. After we got back I took a shower and we had Michael go to get some breakfast Kolache (Texas Kolache - the kind with meat or eggs and cheese inside) and a paper. We tried to work on the crossword puzzle but soon gave up because it was too hard.

For the rolls, first I had Cathy cook the poppyseed - she said she wanted to do everything to learn better. Next she starting making the dough. We probably should have made it the night before - but she was too tired and didn't want to. I took some pictures of her rolling out the dough. She called her first one a Charlie Brown poppyseed roll. Her second one came out a little better. The dough seemed a little different maybe because it wasn't overnight or perhaps the ingredients. In the end they tasted good but the dough was more like a pie crust. We made some Kolache (Slovak style) with the extra dough and some almond filling that Cathy had. After they were all rolled out, we did some 'speed raising' on the patio since we had to get them in and out of the oven before Church at 5pm.

It was a guitar mass and I made another wish since this was the first time I was in the Church itself. After Church there wasn't too much of a decision on what to make for dinner - leftovers from the day before. We just cleaned up for a bit and went to bed.


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