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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Saturday - May 3 - the day of the BBQ

Today was the only day I didn't walk since Cathy the slave driver had me make like nearly everything for the Meat on Parade. I woke up at the crack of dawn and worked nonstop until after Noon when the first guests arrived. She had me make the fruit salad, veggie tray, a brocoli salad (which I have the recipe for now), and a homemade cucumber dill bread (which Cathy said came out better than when she makes it!). Cathy was outside planting some of her flowers and tomotao plants and cleaning up the yard. Later she made some hummus, and spinach dip. Michael had started the grill long before this time - probably 6:30 or 7am.

He had brisket, chicken breasts, pork tenderloin, ribs, a couple types of sausage and probably even more (like corn on the cob). Kim and William were the first to come over and enjoyed lots of snacks and playing with the cats. Theresa, Bob and Kellie came next and later Jim and Emily (Michael's parents). Michael's cousin and her family from Texas City also made the trip all the way up the Houston to join us. Even though we were snacking all day, we finally sat down to dinner around 6:30 or so. No one could even sit at the table since it was full of seving dishes so we all sat at different places outside.

Before we ate dinner, Michael found a present for Kellie - and old lasso he dug up from somewhere. She had fun practicing roping our cat scratching post out in the garage. Later she and Theresa tried were brave enough to start 'the world's hardest jigsaw puzzle' - a double sided smiley face puzzle that Cathy had gotten for Michael years ago but they haven't made too much progress!

Soon enough everyone had to go home to take naps from all the food so the house was quiet again so Cathy and I got busy trying to wash all the dishes and make everything fit in the refrigerator. I definitely did not try to watch TV tonight - straight to bed and I slept good.


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