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Monday, May 5, 2008

Monday - May 5 - last day at Cathy's house

Woke up at 4 am or so to the sound of a rain storm. Thanks to Cathy's lack of blinds and curtains in the room, the lightening made the entire room as light as day. The tree also made some eerie noises as it brushed up against the patio. When I got up the rain stopped so Cathy and I took a short walk and got back just in time before the next spell of heavy rain. Cathy had me iron some more and then I borrowed her weights and did my exercises.

Later we had some leftovers for lunch and Theresa joined us too. After lunch Theresa took me back to her house. We had some fun with the crossword puzzle. (Last week we did them all up to Thursday - thanks to Theresa showing me how to 'Google' certain things.)

I had my first experience with texting. I sent a text message to Cheryl, but on Theresa's phone.

Since the storm woke me up so early, I also went to bed early.


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