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Friday, May 9, 2008

Friday - May 8 - my last full day here

Today I slept in until 8am and then took a walk with Theresa. After breakfast I made the strawberry / angel food dessert I made for Cathy and Michael's BBQ. It's one of Kim and Kellie's favorites. Bob was off work today and he treated me, Theresa and Cathy (we picked her up from her office) to lunch at Boston Market. We all had a dinner sized portion of food. Theresa loves my pork and dumplings dinner so I made that for her and Cathy for dinner (I'm not sure they would have let me go home without making it, actually). Kim and William came over for dinner too. Kim only has one more week left at school and she is starting to look for a summer job already. She's had a couple interviews this week. I think she's had a good year. She showed us lots of her photos and talked lots about the camera she has - and the cameras she wants to buy. After dinner we had some strawberry dessert and then started some chit chat and we're still trying to finish up the Wednesday crossword puzzle - and that's where we are now actually. So I need to get back to Google to do some research! Bye all. Or should I say bye y'all. Hope you liked my blogging. I probably won't be doing anything tomorrow as I'm flying home. It's been a really, really good trip here this year. Good weather, no bugs, good eating and good family fun.

Good night and good luck.


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