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Friday, May 2, 2008

Friday - (the 2nd) the Day of Preparation

Last night I sleep at Michael and Cathy's house in their nursery/guest room. In the morning we walked at the Island Retreat where Cathy often walks. After my shower, we went shopping for Michael's big "Meat on Parade" the next day, but only had time to get the room temperature things. Next we headed straight to the Prince of Peace chapel for the First Friday mass. I made a wish since it was a new church for me. After mass we met Theresa at Sweet Tomatoes, where I must go everytime I come to Houston. There was a great variety of foods and I enjoyed them all. After lunch, we went to a nursery to get a few flowers for Cathy's yard and two tomato plants. Then Cathy and I went back to the store for the cold foods. After unloading all the grocery, I started making some of the deserts for the next day - the ambrosia salad and the strawberry dessert. When Michael got home he got us some Boston Market and we had dinner in their new 'outdoor-indoor' area. By the time we got done it was dark enough to see the lights they had strung around the patio area. I decided to not watch TV this night and get a good night's sleep.


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