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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Went to the Church festival

Took a walk but it was almost too cold outside. Had breakfast when I got back. In a little while Cathy and Michael stopped over and we went to the Church festival with Kellie. Kim and William met us there. Theresa was at a class. They had a lot of people and a lot of booths. They even had a live auction with many big items. Had good food -- Texas-style (BBQ) but the most fun was between all of us winning 5 cakes at one of the booths. Everyone was happy about that.

The most fun was when I bought 2 confetti eggs and Michael and Kellie cracked them on Cathy's head.

When we got back we had supper and talked for a while.

We also saw some of Kim's recent photography. She is very good. She took some pictures of a bee on a Texas Bluebonnet and it's so amazing. The bee and the flower are in perfect focus and the rest of the scene is faded. Really cool shots. I think she is entering them into a contest.


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