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Friday, May 9, 2008

Friday - May 8 - my last full day here

Today I slept in until 8am and then took a walk with Theresa. After breakfast I made the strawberry / angel food dessert I made for Cathy and Michael's BBQ. It's one of Kim and Kellie's favorites. Bob was off work today and he treated me, Theresa and Cathy (we picked her up from her office) to lunch at Boston Market. We all had a dinner sized portion of food. Theresa loves my pork and dumplings dinner so I made that for her and Cathy for dinner (I'm not sure they would have let me go home without making it, actually). Kim and William came over for dinner too. Kim only has one more week left at school and she is starting to look for a summer job already. She's had a couple interviews this week. I think she's had a good year. She showed us lots of her photos and talked lots about the camera she has - and the cameras she wants to buy. After dinner we had some strawberry dessert and then started some chit chat and we're still trying to finish up the Wednesday crossword puzzle - and that's where we are now actually. So I need to get back to Google to do some research! Bye all. Or should I say bye y'all. Hope you liked my blogging. I probably won't be doing anything tomorrow as I'm flying home. It's been a really, really good trip here this year. Good weather, no bugs, good eating and good family fun.

Good night and good luck.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Thursday - May 8

Had my usual walk. Since Theresa didn't have to work today, we did a lot of work outside in her yard - we fertilized, repotted some plants, and mulched some plants. Theresa's Jasmin is in full bloom now and really smells good. Cathy came over for lunch and we had tuna fish salad sandwiches. Theresa ran some errands and got caught up on some paperwork. For dinner we had a roast chicken and I made homemade stuffing which everyone loved. Cathy came for dinner (I'm seeing a pattern here!). Michael stayed home because he thought we was getting sick. After dinner - we had lots of chit-chat time. I told lots of stories to Theresa and Cathy about what things were like when they - and Cheryl were all born. First of all, I told them how when Theresa was born, Dr. Hollan held her up and said "This is the most beautiful baby I have ever delivered." Then one time she had to call the doctor's house and his wife answered and she said, "Agnes, I just have to tell you what my husband said about your baby, "He said that she was the most beautiful baby he ever delivered." (No, there were no dry eyes in the house at this point.) I also told them the total bill for the delivery was only $200. Cathy did not like that news. It was a good night for chit chat.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wednesday - May 7

Had my usual walk in the morning. Weather is getting warmer and warmer. Did a little mending of some clothes and things for Theresa while she went to work at Cathy's. They both came home and we all had lunch together. I worked on the crossword puzzle for a bit later that afternoon and enjoyed some chit-chat with Theresa.

Later Cathy and Michael came and picked us up and went to get his parents and we all went out to Rudi Lechner's for a good German buffet. They had potatoes, pork roast, spaetzel (?), goulash, saurbrauten, sausage, chicken, meatballs, saurkraut, red cabbage, schnitzel and more. We all ate lots and lots. Somehow we even had room to share some deserts. Every Wednesday they give away two gifts and a free dinner. Those who win the free dinner are entered into their annual contest which is a trip to Germany. Anyway, Cathy won the second prize - two thick glass beer mugs, a T-shirt and a keychain. Even though we were all full we managed to not fall asleep on the ride home.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tuesday - May 6

Went for a walk as usual. Theresa, Kim and I went to Cathy's office so Kim could print out a picture of her bee that she needed for a final art project. After that Kim left for her last day or two of school and Theresa took me to the stables where I talked with Jane for a while. Theresa showed me all the different horses there - we saw a really, really tall horse and a 3-week old horse. The pastures had been flooded from all the rains yesterday. We also talked with Theresa's friend Shirley who has 2 horses there. Theresa gave me some horse treats to feed to Zoli and I did - with my bare hands. Theresa also showed me some of the latest things she has taught Zoli - he gave her a hug, and he picked a hankerchief from her pocket. Currently she is teaching him to bow. Pretty amazing. Then she showed me Jane's flower garden with lots of rose bushes.

After the stables we went to Willowbrook Mall to get some early birthday gifts for some people in Texas since I was here. Then we worked on the crossword and made pretty good progress. We had some meatloaf for dinner. I was good again today and did my weight exercises. We watched a little Drew Carey at night.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Monday - May 5 - last day at Cathy's house

Woke up at 4 am or so to the sound of a rain storm. Thanks to Cathy's lack of blinds and curtains in the room, the lightening made the entire room as light as day. The tree also made some eerie noises as it brushed up against the patio. When I got up the rain stopped so Cathy and I took a short walk and got back just in time before the next spell of heavy rain. Cathy had me iron some more and then I borrowed her weights and did my exercises.

Later we had some leftovers for lunch and Theresa joined us too. After lunch Theresa took me back to her house. We had some fun with the crossword puzzle. (Last week we did them all up to Thursday - thanks to Theresa showing me how to 'Google' certain things.)

I had my first experience with texting. I sent a text message to Cheryl, but on Theresa's phone.

Since the storm woke me up so early, I also went to bed early.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sunday - May 4

Today was poppyseed roll day. But first we took a walk again back at the Island Retreat. After we got back I took a shower and we had Michael go to get some breakfast Kolache (Texas Kolache - the kind with meat or eggs and cheese inside) and a paper. We tried to work on the crossword puzzle but soon gave up because it was too hard.

For the rolls, first I had Cathy cook the poppyseed - she said she wanted to do everything to learn better. Next she starting making the dough. We probably should have made it the night before - but she was too tired and didn't want to. I took some pictures of her rolling out the dough. She called her first one a Charlie Brown poppyseed roll. Her second one came out a little better. The dough seemed a little different maybe because it wasn't overnight or perhaps the ingredients. In the end they tasted good but the dough was more like a pie crust. We made some Kolache (Slovak style) with the extra dough and some almond filling that Cathy had. After they were all rolled out, we did some 'speed raising' on the patio since we had to get them in and out of the oven before Church at 5pm.

It was a guitar mass and I made another wish since this was the first time I was in the Church itself. After Church there wasn't too much of a decision on what to make for dinner - leftovers from the day before. We just cleaned up for a bit and went to bed.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Saturday - May 3 - the day of the BBQ

Today was the only day I didn't walk since Cathy the slave driver had me make like nearly everything for the Meat on Parade. I woke up at the crack of dawn and worked nonstop until after Noon when the first guests arrived. She had me make the fruit salad, veggie tray, a brocoli salad (which I have the recipe for now), and a homemade cucumber dill bread (which Cathy said came out better than when she makes it!). Cathy was outside planting some of her flowers and tomotao plants and cleaning up the yard. Later she made some hummus, and spinach dip. Michael had started the grill long before this time - probably 6:30 or 7am.

He had brisket, chicken breasts, pork tenderloin, ribs, a couple types of sausage and probably even more (like corn on the cob). Kim and William were the first to come over and enjoyed lots of snacks and playing with the cats. Theresa, Bob and Kellie came next and later Jim and Emily (Michael's parents). Michael's cousin and her family from Texas City also made the trip all the way up the Houston to join us. Even though we were snacking all day, we finally sat down to dinner around 6:30 or so. No one could even sit at the table since it was full of seving dishes so we all sat at different places outside.

Before we ate dinner, Michael found a present for Kellie - and old lasso he dug up from somewhere. She had fun practicing roping our cat scratching post out in the garage. Later she and Theresa tried were brave enough to start 'the world's hardest jigsaw puzzle' - a double sided smiley face puzzle that Cathy had gotten for Michael years ago but they haven't made too much progress!

Soon enough everyone had to go home to take naps from all the food so the house was quiet again so Cathy and I got busy trying to wash all the dishes and make everything fit in the refrigerator. I definitely did not try to watch TV tonight - straight to bed and I slept good.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Friday - (the 2nd) the Day of Preparation

Last night I sleep at Michael and Cathy's house in their nursery/guest room. In the morning we walked at the Island Retreat where Cathy often walks. After my shower, we went shopping for Michael's big "Meat on Parade" the next day, but only had time to get the room temperature things. Next we headed straight to the Prince of Peace chapel for the First Friday mass. I made a wish since it was a new church for me. After mass we met Theresa at Sweet Tomatoes, where I must go everytime I come to Houston. There was a great variety of foods and I enjoyed them all. After lunch, we went to a nursery to get a few flowers for Cathy's yard and two tomato plants. Then Cathy and I went back to the store for the cold foods. After unloading all the grocery, I started making some of the deserts for the next day - the ambrosia salad and the strawberry dessert. When Michael got home he got us some Boston Market and we had dinner in their new 'outdoor-indoor' area. By the time we got done it was dark enough to see the lights they had strung around the patio area. I decided to not watch TV this night and get a good night's sleep.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thursday the 1st

Today I walked the usual amount. The weather was getting warmer each day. Had breakfast while Theresa was at the stables. I put the final coat of mineral oil on the salad bowls and Theresa said they look like new. Cathy came over for lunch and we had some leftover eggplant parmasian and other Italian foods from the restaurant the night before. While we were eating Theresa came home and joined us for lunch. I pressed half of Cathy's blouses that she saved up for my trip to Houston (man, that girl needs to learn to iron).

I'm really getting up on technology here. Theresa and I had a video chat session with Kim today. It was really amazing to look at the computer and she Kim in her dorm room at college.

Before dinner time, Cathy picked me up so I could stay at her house for a couple days. For dinner we had some leftover potato, cheese and ham casserole and some of Michael's famous Porkies. Then I was introduced to the Thursday night TV schedule of Michael and Cathy - Survivor, the Office and an old 30 Rock episode they had saved for a year because it was all about Cleveland. I didn't even fall asleep!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wednesday, the 30th

Walk and breakfast as usual, pleasant today out there. Been sleeping good till about 7 or 7:30.
While Theresa went to work at Cathy's for a couple hours, I put another coat of oil on the bowls. She came home at noon for lunch, then had to go to her chiropractor appt., and then took Kellie to a riding lesson. In the mean time, Cathy picked me up and took me to her ob/gyn appt. We got to listen to the heartbeat, which was very exciting. Then we went to Locatelli's for an Italian dinner of eggplant parmesian - we brought back some pizza for Kellie and Theresa.