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Friday, June 29, 2007

For real.

Well the laptop has been hooked to the power cord like a vegetative coma patient for a solid month now (it's finally being shipped off to get fixed while I'm away), so I came downstairs to fiddle with my ipod and decided to check my e-mail. It's a bi-yearly activity I only engage in when there absolutely isn't anything else to do. But to my surprise I found that Cathy's gone and created a site for everyone! Very nice.

I'm waiting for Dad to get back home so that we can go Steak Shopping- I plan on making William a steak/hash brown/brown sugar carrots dinner my last day here. But in the interim I figure I might as well make my first blog post. Can't wait to come up tomorrow, even though I heard it's been cold(ish?). Might be a nice change, as long as it doesn't rain every day- we've been getting waaay enough of that here. Humidity index is like 1,000. :/

What's cool though is that my friend Michelle just moved to Ohio to be with HER extended family, and she lives only twenty minutes away from Grandma! She's leaving for California on the 1st, so it will be awesome to get to see her one last time.

I hear thunder. Probably a good time to get off and read some more. Got some good books last week I think J&J will like. :)