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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sooner than the last.

Hello, world.

A quick update, as I've got a whole ton whole ton of stuff to get done. That, and after I finish this I'll probably be going on my long run for the week.

Honestly, my life is nowhere near as exciting as it was a year or 18 months ago, if you define going "out on the town" as exciting. But if you count it according to my definition of exciting, I'd say that I'm still living it up over here in Chicago.

The first item of business is the apartment for next year. I'm not sure if I've mentioned it yet, but my apartment this year is really really difficult. Moving in was sort of difficult for Mum and Norman to tackle... and I'm thankful that I've got other places to lurk about in Chicago (libraries, other people's houses, etc.). My room is a safe haven in a place of broken stoves, leaky radiators, and messy kitchens.

SO. Naturally, I'm trying to make it better. A lot better.

I've got together a group of kids both from physics classes and old living arrangements (the dormitory)... totally amazing, incredible kids. Laid-back, all about community, and intelligent people. And made the proposal: "Howsabout we all live together next year?". So at this point, Sam, Connie, Theo, Bobby, Jon Gleason, and myself are all looking for an apartment in Hyde Park... a four-bedroom... it'll probably be pretty crunched, but I'm guessing that the vibe will be unlike any other. People always out and about, people to do things with, cooking parties, etc... But that's not all! Human aspects are cool... but monetary aspects are really sweet, too. Yeah, it'll be less expensive than this year. But we're going to have some sweet economies of scale.... not only groceries in larger quantities, but also the ability to split up magazine subscription costs, internet costs, and even pooling of money for huge purchases (bomb TV, anyone?)

I'm stoked.

Second item of business... hmm. Cece and I have been the same as always. Living it up, meeting for lunch, cooking decent dishes together, etc. Let's see.... there are a couple of tuna steaks defrosting in her refrigerator right now.... yeah. Lots of fish, some pasta, and a recent affinity for gorgonzola cheese and pears.

Thirdly, classes are wonderful. Physics is extremely fun to learn, and the professors are really pretty great. Yau Wah, my electricity and magnetism professor, reminds me spot-on of my mentor of a couple years ago at NASA... Padetha. Who is totally amazing and sweet. Same laid-back, let's talk about everything and then some, attitude. Such a happy guy.

I watched the Inauguration. It was wonderful. But that was two weeks ago now. Now I'm just watching the news to see what happens, and becoming pretty proud of the president's bipartisan efforts. It's so exciting to see something like this happening... honestly, this seems like a rebirth for America.

Working hard, etc.

I promised more frequent updates... but that means less photos. I'll throw in a few randoms.


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