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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Milkshakes and a Four Year Strong.

New set of legs.

Cece took me to a place called the Fire House, for my birthday.... totally coool. I burned my fingers trying for the first time to put the flame out with my fingerpads.

Sharing a word..... word.

Rock out.


Show dem pearly whites

Grand Lux... a restaurant in downtown Chicago. Immediately pre-break.

(Note to everyone... this was written nearly 3 weeks ago... on 01.07.09.. .sorry for the delay. I wanted to put pictures up.)

Break was wonderful, and it's wonderful to be back in Chicago.

I'm going to spit a full entry in only fifteen minutes... I'll add photos later.

In commemoration of the New Year (which is now about a week old), I'm going to give a top ten list... break and the start of school.

1-Grill a Thon. Probably the best ever. The new house made it ultra-easy to set up, and ultra-easy to pull down. We had a fire going outside (where I was char-char-charcoalling turkey burgers and hot dogs), a fire going inside (where people were hanging playing cards), and a Wii going on in the basement. More relaxed and more full of people genuinely glad to see each other than ever.... I'm stoked with how it went down.

And I got to socialize more than in any previous Grill a Thon.

Earlier this year, I was considering discontinuing the whole affair... but rest assured, definitely be having it next year.

2-Vegetable dip. Tired of buying dip from the store than had a bunch of random crap in it (preservatives, etc.) I decided to look up a recipe and make my own. I ended up making it a total of four times during break... each time a little better than the previous. If interested, I'll send you up a copy.

3-The grey man. And seafoom green.... I went out this break to replenish my all-but depleted wardrobe.... and only grey, white, and black things appealed to me.... until I bought the seafoom green polo

Physics 18500... Intermediate Mechanics... awesome professor (funny, spirited), and cool subject matter. We're only on calculus of variations right now, but I know that we'll be talking a lot about non-Newtonian mechanics. Basically, ways to solve classical problems without using Newton's laws, for ease of solving in non-Cartesian coordinate systems

Physics 22500... Probably one of the coolest professors I've had yet at the University. He's so funny. And has the most funny profile picture on the board in the physics building. Half of the class is physicist elitism and ripping on all other disciplines, and the other half is learning Intermediate electricity and magnetism. It's all out of the mid-level E&M Bible: Griffiths. Good stuff, and essential for a physicist.

French 20100.... Laughable. I placed into 20200, but decided to take this one for both scheduling reasons and knowledge reasons. Good thing, too. I'm still lost half the time, and sometimes I just laugh at how lost I am. However. i learned my lesson from math of last fall quarter, and am working really ridiculously hard to get this right. Basically, total immersion. Changing all my language settings on my computer and iPhone to French, and reading the news in French. Well... not total immersion. I allow myself pop punk in English.

BIOS 20185.... Ecology and Evolution. A continuation of biology from last quarter. First week has been basically evidence for evolution. Which is pretty cool and terribly interesting.

5-So this wasn't quite a top ten, but I've got to split. No worries.. I'll try to make up for it with pictures.



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