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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Almost a month.

It's been nearly a month since I last updated.
And much has happened.

Get up for the breakdown:

1-I'm actually in a fairly good mood right now... I'm sitting my usual Barnes and Noble in the University Village. But I've just eaten a handy bowl of pasta and a beastly Jamba Juice smoothie (Peanut Butter Moo'd) and am not hungry or thirsty for my usual decaf doubleshot on ice (available at any Starbuck's nationwide). The wifi that I usually use in here isn't working right now... sort of a bummer, because I've got work to do, but I'll just send this from somewhere else. I'm planning on walking a little bit north on NE 25th (the adjacent road) to a place I spotted one day... The Rooster Cafe, I think. Or Rooster Espresso or something or other.

Maybe then I'll be thirstier for my decaf doubleshot on ice.

2-Hmm. Research has been going really really well, lately. If you're just joining us or you've been out of the loop, I'm basically building really small 3D stuff by using a laser to turn a good into plastic. Like... really small. The way I heard a fairly experienced practitioner describe it, "I can create a man with full features down to individual hairs.... so small that to him, your fingerprint would be as giant as a normal size man in the Grand Canyon.

That's bloody small.

I'm at the stage right now where this week should see a lot of improvement. Just last Thursday, I drew my first stuff in the goo (called a photoresist, on account of its reactivity to light). Hopefully by the end of this week I'll be able to tell you all that I've built at least a simple structure.

Oh! And I'm using a microscope with a camera on it... so you'll all get some sweet shots! Maybe next time I'll write the whole blog entry in the space of five square microns.

Oh. and to whoever says, "Why is he doing this?": electronics all around us run on these things called transistors and integrated circuits. The concept that my mentor is really stoked about is to use this technique to break out of two dimensional integrated circuits (i.e. flat, on a plane. they're drawable on a piece of paper) and get in to three dimensional circuits (you can't draw these on a piece of paper. But you might be able to fold a piece really cleverly to build an origami model of a three dimensional circuit). Long story short, we'd be able to fit a lot more circuits in a lot smaller space, making it possible to have smaller electronics. Which is sweet. Reeeally small electronics.

3-Speaking of the internship.... this is the end of my 5th week. I have 5 more weeks.

4-There've been a lot of intern-related social activities lately... last night we went to Safeco Field and saw the Indians (fancy that...) play the Mariners.

Location location.

I bought these. I shared these.

The Indians were destroyed. But I got to miss 6 innings of the game to buy food and watch a good sunset off of the west side of the stadium....

5-I was THIS close to sleeping in front of the AT&T store to wait for the iPhone... a security who was supposed to be in front of the Apple store at UVillage was standing in front of the AT&T store. He said he'd be there until morning. I went to my room and got my pillow and sleeping bag... but when I got back, he'd already remembered where he was supposed to be for the evening. Too bad. I'll never really have another chance to sleep outside in Seattle, on the street.

Honestly--I would've been the safest guy in town (my personal security service) and first in line. Sweet.
Furthermore--I'm a college student! I do research during my day.... and then come back from that research---straight into MORE research! I don't have a family to care for, and I don't have major responsibilities. It would've been priceless.

6-Nevertheless, I waited in front of the store on Saturday morning for 3 hours and got me an iPhone.

7-I've been... um.... active. I'm pretty sure that I ran between 9 and 11 miles today. I've run 8 miles twice since we last spoke... a couple 22 mile voyages by bike, and one unsolicited 44 mile day. I rode to Redmond, thinking that there'd be a bus that could get me back to the University.... but alas, it wasn't going that route, due to a closed bridge. Great. I had eaten dinner, though, and had enough calories to get me back.

My Fuji.

The road to Redmond.

For you worriers--I have lights on my bike, wear a helmet, take a phone, and am on a bike/walk only trail. So there.

8-Um.... I start swimming lessons next Monday. I know... I took them when I was little (I'm still young).... but I don't really remember much. My status right now is that I'm able to get from one place to another... but I can't do it gracefully or quickly.

The lessons are every Monday and Wednesday from 4.45pm to 5.45pm starting July 28th and concluding August 20th. $25 for a life skill? Mos def.

9-For all of you saying, "Hmm.... this Justin guy sounds decent, and like he has deep pockets... I'd like to have him take me out to eat.":

I return home August 23rd.
There are rumors of some time out of state from like... the 28th to September 3rd.
I will be spending time in Savannah, GA with a good friend of mine from September 9th through 12th.
Jason goes to school on September 21st.
My first day of classes in Chicago is September 29th. But I might go a couple of days early to move in and such. I'm flexible.

Post-solitary sushi.

It's going to be great to be home... this place is beautiful, but so many of my dinners are alone. And while I enjoy solo adventures, there's just nothing like time spent with a friend.

10-So I'm keeping it real in the Northwest for now. Maybe a state park soon, probably another ride to Redmond (tomorrow)... Oh, maybe not. I want to go to the beach. Hmmm... why not both? Maybe I'll tour Boeing, maybe something else.

Keep it real in Cleveland (or wherever you are).