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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

More post.

All right... I'll go through what's up.
First of all, as you may have gathered from that last comment, the issue with the laptop has been acknowledged by Apple, and I'm expecting a fix in maybe a week. In other news, I just set up my Apple Mail client, and I'm completely impressed by the software. I've got my 3 accounts set up on it, and I'm up and running... sweet little icons of paper airplanes in the stages of folding and throwing make up "draft" and "send" and such. Pretty cool.

Like, only 52 days until I'm living in Chicago.

Completely insane.

Last night, the conversation mum and I sat outside for a bit and talked about exactly what I was to pack... she was actually ready to start making up a box and putting things in it last night, which really startled me! I mean.... wow. She also told me that I needed two new pairs of jeans, a couple shirts, and a couple of other things... so if any of you have suggestions of jeans I should buy, leave a comment. I'm probably going to spring for just another pair of levis...
Let's see... Continuing where I left off last time (the baseball game), Sunday was next. Well, Saturday night was first-I basically played guitar with my father all Saturday night... and came to the conclusion that I could not have made a better choice of guitar than the HD28. I'll post a picture sometime or something... It's just such a match for my personality. Perfect tone, perfect looks, workmanship, playability (!!!)... the whole 17 yards... We recorded a bit with it, too. Near peerless.

Sunday was next, though-no pictures from here, but I'll say that it was an extremely wonderful time for me. Uncle Ray and I went out car shopping... I won't say for exactly what, but I will say that he deserves every bit of it, and I eventually want to buy one, myself. I also got to see my Aunt, which was great, because I hadn't in awhile.

Monday came with extensive talks of college... I'm actually learning a little bit about the school I'll be attending!!! Imagine that. But seriously-I'm learning important things now, like what I can and can't take, and what dates are breaks and I should be reading the course catalog in no time, and studying for placement tests.

And hey, today's tuesday!
The hoods were getting worked on, today, so no chemistry (oh, darn...), but I went out to lunch with Jon Krause, his father, and Anthony Vila (Mr. Krause's intern). Good conversation (really good), good food, and we basically took a ride on the NASA shuttle bus...

My sources tell me thunderstorms are in the future-today, tomorrow, and thursday.
The student-mentor banquet is tomorrow, which should prove to be pretty fun and cool. I should have maybe a few pictures from that, and I may be playing dodgeball with some interns before Hershey's after NASA on Friday.

The pictures... one from the endless empty parking lot at Deer Creek, and one of Mum, Norman, and Jason on the dam. All that water on the right side is being held by the dam so it doesn't flood the left part.

Busy busy schedules. But I see Rochelle tomorrow, and that makes my day much better.

My life... without pictures.

Well, no pictures, today-I'm burning a backup disc right now, should I have to send my MBP in, or should I not be able to recover it from one of the "kernel panics" that happen.

The past week or so has been pretty full of activity-After Deer Creek last weekend, I took Jason (my brother) to the Indians game. We've got a new person at work who just got out of graduate school. She's Chinese and does not speak english so well, but one day I complimented her shoes. The next day, she came over and said that she had tickets to the OAI (Ohio Aerospace Institute) barbecue and baseball game and that she shouldn't go. She offered me the tickets, and I went.

So baseball games are pretty boring. And.. I've got to leave.

But I'll leave you with this picture-the disc just stopped/finished burning.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Deer Creek State Park

All right, kids. I'm locked out of the lodge room right now, because Jason's in the shower and mum and norman are sitting on the balcony. I've checked my email, read the NYTimes RSS feed page and all that stuff, and I've got some time. Jeez... I've even checked the thrice webpage to see if there are any updates on the new album.

Yesterday I had a dentist appointment (which was cool...) and then we left nearly straight for Deer Creek State Park in South Central Ohio. The place is an approximately 3500 acre spot with a beast of a lake in the center (about 1/3 total park size), and full of trees and nature. I like it. They just celebrated their 25th anniversary as a lodge (lodging spot built in '81). We arrived here at probalby about 1.30pm and got our map and stuff from the lodge desk, then went out and drove to the on-site dam. Apparently, in about 1968, they built a dam to keep the lake under control. It gives pretty good views, of which I would post pictures if I could get to my camera, which is inside the room. We saw a thunderstorm rolling in from the dam and lightning too, which was pretty cool. It's also a sight to watch the herons skim the water for fish, wingtips almost breaking the surface. We had lunch there: peanut butter and jelly, crackers, and the whole bit.

After this we drove around a little bit more and found ourselves on the beach, which was pretty sweet, to say the least; They have parking spots for 750 cars (estimated by us) and there were probably only 4 cars in the whole lot. And 3 were clustered together. You can guess the black sheep, and the car that had pictures taken of it. I'll post one of those later. Multiple pictures. One of the best part of the beach was that there was a swingset right on a hill next to the beach, looking straight into the water; it was legendary. We're going back today, so I'll take pictures and post. When we were leaving the beach, we had the sun at our backs coming through holes in the clouds with a blueblack sky in front of us, and we got some cool pictures of illuminated trees and drygrasses with that threatening backdrop. Pretty sweet.

Came back to the lodge area, checked in, and then went for a couple of short hikes on some short trails. Learned about silver maples and their fortunetelling leaves and different tree-identifying barks. Saw deer and some hawks flying lower than I've ever seen any of them.

I'm called back to the room, now-we got meal vouchers as a part of the little package we purchased with the room, so we're out to breakfast soon.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Nothing to say

Well, it seems as I have nothing really to report lately... those who were up from Houston left, with a promise to see us in a month when we embark on our journey to their city. The weekend came in the form of graduation parties and is now almost over... I'm scooping the ice cream today from 6.30pm to 10pm at Hershey's.

Right now I'm just sitting in my father's living room-Jason's got G4 on the TV with an episode of "Street Fury" lighting the screen-not really my kind of show-more of a "ricer" bit, where people get excited about oversize rims and sound systems more than they do about what's actually under the hood.

Guess I'll just state all that's going on-The Martin HD28 is ordered, and will come in about 3 weeks, so I'm stoked about that. This whole week will be something to talk about, though...
Dan Tyson (my mentor at NASA) is in Australia at a chemistry conference. This means that I'm going to be running the lab pretty much on my own for the next 2 weeks. The first 2 or 3 days will be pretty quiet, as I'm going to finish up work on these 9 compounds I synthesized. This means taking an analysis called an NMR, getting a melting point if the compound was a solid, and saving maybe 25 mg in a vial. I've also got to do a little write-up for each on how I synthesized it and some other vital things about the compound. The rest of the 2 weeks, though, will be a nonstop barrage of reactions. Should be cool.

And here comes the end of the post-probably update again the next couple of days as things progress.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


So a bunch of you probably haven't spoken with me in quite awhile...
First off...
I quit the finishline. This happened probably about a month ago, now. When I interviewed for the job, I thought that I was going to be all about helping people... Teaching them about different kinds of shoes and stuff, helping them out with making choices, and trying to make them have better days in general. Not the case. Instead, I was pressured to sell as much as I could, no matter what. Not just shoes: Accessories (laces, socks, etc.), multiple pairs at once, waterproofer, cleaner, and the whole shebang. No, not because it was good for the customer: Because it "makes the store look better"...


That's over and done. I decided to do it during orientation at NASA. Also, on the day I decided to quit, the newspaper rolled out with something that gave me a definite reason to quit. Apparently, the Finishline in East Randall had begun selling baseball caps with gang names on them... I can't work for a company that supports violence. I just can't do it. The more I thought about it during the day at work, the more I knew that I was to quit.
I also began thinking simultaneously that I wanted work in a less stressful place; a place of happiness and joy, and of just chilling out.
So long story short, I'm now working at Hershey's Ice Cream, at Pearl and Drake. My first day there was incredible: I'm basically being paid to make people smile and happy, and to hang out and talk. I had a conversation on my first day there about corruption in the political system (with a welder, no less).

I've got more story about NASA, though... Long story short, I'm in a heck of a lab full of cancer machines. (Nearly) every bottle has a little bit on the label that says "Target Organs: ..." I spilled something on my glove, and it made the glove hot. I had to take it off, talked to my researcher, read the bottle... "Confirmed carcinogen". Great. Lots more to tell about that. Positive part: I'm learning more than... more than... darn-can't think of anything good. I'll tell my stories later; It's late, and I've got to go back tomorrow.

Relatives from Houston are up for the Fourth, which is wonderful. They're all incredible, and if you want, you can read Kim's blog by clicking around to the homepage of "thekomyanekfamily.us". Pictures of them will be up before/soon after they leave, no doubt.

I've got friends who started school on Monday the Second. Props to them. And I've got a very good friend whose birthday was the same day-Extra props and a represent to him.

This evening, we had the lot of the group over and all had a meal and talked and generally enjoyed ourselves. Following this, we all gathered (as is tradition) in the front yard and watched the fireworks that are set off in the Industrial Park at the soccer fields. Jason's friend Nick (nice kid) brought some fireworks-that was sweet. I've never really had close range experience with the 'works. The picture is of a firework set off in a bottle.

And lastly-I've got a question to ask you all. I'd like responses. I'm assuming that most of you have either watched fireworks before or just watched them today. When you see fireworks, do you see them expanding in a circle, or flying out towards you, the spectator? My uncle commented on how no matter where the spectator is, they always seem to be flying towards them. I always require prompting to see the fireworks not expanding in a circle, but rather flying towards me. Hopefully you understand what I'm saying.

Anyway. I'm out... If you're bored, give me a call. At least leave a comment.


Guess no pictures again-SOMEBODY didn't set up the FTP stuff yet, I guess... No sweat. I'll just do it at another date.

Update to the update... Pictures apparently do work, so I'm set. But it didn't ever really get past the "Publishing to FTP server" window. But I'll still say that the clock needs modification-Today is the fifth, not the fourth. And it's 12.04am, not 5.45pm or whatever.