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Thursday, June 28, 2007

First Post

All right, guys-it's about 7.36am on Thursday morning, and I'm going to leave my first post:
It'll probably be short, but maybe it can be pretty sweet.

About to leave for NASA, where I work with a load of chemicals I'd rather not even look at. Nearly every bottle says that the chemical inside will give you cancer. Not fun. I would be fine with that... if it didn't all smell so terribly bad. I can't stand it. We have a chemical refrigerator-I dread opening it each time because the smell is so bad.

But it's cool, nonetheless, and my mentor's a really nice dude.

In other, more overall fulfilling news:
The Macbook Pro has arrived; no, I'm not using it now, because it's a little bit weird still with the home network (it was working, yesterday...), and I want to just get this posted so if anyone wants to, they can waste their life away interpreting every single thing that I write down in order to try and get a glimpse into the brain of me.
But I'll be posting pictures, no doubt, as soon as I can.

I'll write more later, but it's 7.41am now, and it looks like I have to go crazy on this bowl of cereal to get it finished...