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Monday, September 8, 2008


posting just for cathy from starbucks sville Ohio


Justin is leaving again tomorrow


Friday, September 5, 2008


so we are at the texas airport right now keeping it real until we board but justin just went to get food and mail some stuff and im charging my phone chilling and listening to music

i suppose this is my first bog and it hurts cause my finger is still no healed from my run in with the leaf blower but its getting there

texas was crazy sweet

especially going with just justin it felt as if there was much more freedom and we ended up having a great time with whatever we did. its exciting for the staffords with the child cOming i cant wait to have another cousin

im excited for school to start thats for sure although i am surely leaving some things close to me back at the base camp but osu is only two hours away so im not too worried about that

punctuation is unneccessary as well as correct spelling while blogging so im just letting it all lay out basically

excuse it

i am listening to terrible pop music that basically hurts to listen to it but i thought id give a pandora station a try

i leave on the 18th for osu so i def have a limited time left at home

i can only say im going to make the most of it

jenny, golf, family activities, helping out with the ongoing house decoration project

ive got my work cut out for me

although it will be nice to get out there on my own that i know for sure

18 years in prison...sounds about right ha


im just ready to see how i do on my own

for those of you who do not know im going to be on osu crew team which is rowing on a team basically

im going into accounting for now

mountain biking is my passion

motorcycle next summer

hard work for the school time

i couldnt be more excited at this point in life i can basically aim my life wherever i want and just let it rip so well see where i land

well im gonna chill with justin for a while before the flight leaves and i guess if i have time for eating and this in detroit ill hook it up

peace in

jj the jetplane



Tuesday, September 2, 2008


testing from when jason was on vacation