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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


As in Stop! Yeah, that was a word I used a little today. What fun. After talking about it for more than 3 years (I don't even want to think about the real number), Theresa and I actually rode the horses together. For the most part I rode Izzy (sp?) and she rode Zoli, but I tried Zoli for a bit at the end. We had fun and I'm so glad I did it. Did I have time to do it? No. Am I caught up at work? No. Should I have done it? Absolutely yes. See I'm starting early on my New Year's Resolutions - which hopefully will become my New Ways of Life - and the main two are to stop procrastinating and to stop letting work control my life. So this was just what the doctor ordered. I met her early as she was talking Kellie to the Ag barn, so as a bonus I got to see Sam the Lamb. We then went to Jane's to get Zoli and took him to the Cimaron where Kellie's horse is. I walked (tried to) him in the round pen for a bit - totally enclosed - good for me. I even trotted for a bit. Then we ventured into the arena and did some big circles. This was fun and I getting more relaxed until I accidentally squeezed my legs together and Izzy shot off. Now in my mind I would say he gallopped off like crazy half way down the arena - that's what it felt like to baby me. However Theresa happened to be filming at the moment and upon 'instant replay' I see that it was a possible trot that Izzy broke into and it lasted for like 2 or 3 paces. Ha. Anyway it was really fun. I probably would have trotted there but then another guy came in and the arena got a lot smaller. Just like me and Justin and Jason riding bikes in Ashley Oaks the last time - I need lots of space around me. We also walked a bit in the open area of the property. After we got the horses back and showered (us not the horses) we celebrated our accomplishment with lunch at Chipolte. (Yes, then we had to go to work.) So now we just need to do it again before another 3 years pass by!


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