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Monday, October 8, 2007

Michael's Favorite Day

Well, yesterday was Michael's favorite day of the year ... no, not Christmas or even his birthday, but the King's Feast at the Texas Renaissance Festival. And yes, the operative word here is Feast. It begins with assorted fruits, cheeses and bread, then a large salad, then some type of soup or bisque, then roasted and seasoned potatoes and assorted vegetables, then many, many types of food - sausage, chicken, pork loin or pork ribs, prime rib. And this is all you can eat of everything. Plus all the beer and wine you can drink. Oh, and this year they also had turkey legs - absolutely huge. It look up like half of his plate (which was already full with prime rib and everything else). Yikes. Luckily we have like 2 hours to eat all this - and we are entertained durig the whole thing so it was fun as always.

It was kind of funny when we walked in - within 10 minutes or so we were rounded up for a polka dancing competition. Kind of funny - all those summers at Nativity's picnics did not pay off - I could not get the hang - and well of course Michael put his own spin on it - it was half polka and half karate and I was nearly sea-sick from all the round and round motion. The judge said he wanted to award us the prize based on 'enthusiasm' alone, but I'm sure our lack of technique had something to do with it!

Then the guy who ran the contest said something to really make Michael smile - they had a Bratwurst eating contest at 2:30. Normally he would have been all over that, but since King's Feast was from 11 - 1, poor Michael was not quite ready. (Thank goodness!)

So we went around and saw various acts and looked in shops and the usual stuff. I got a sun, moon and star earring/ring set and we got some incense as usual. The day went fast and ended with fireworks and following Tartanic (perhaps my favorite act/group of the event - bagpipes and drums and dancing) out to the parking lot.

(Go Tribe - we can win it all right now!)


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