The Komyanek Family

Sunday, September 9, 2007

My 'moment'...

I've been wondering when the moment would come when it would finally 'hit me'.

I mean, I know what's going on. We've been shopping and packing for days now. The boxes are lined up against the bedroom wall and have been steadily filling up. One for the bathroom, one with kitchen items and the list goes on. Justin made the comment the other day that I was holding up pretty well. It took a moment for me to realize what he was talking about.

Actually, I had thought the same thing. I was holding up pretty nicely. I've been very occupied preparing for the move, making sure he will have everything that he needs. Making sure his room will have gentle reminders of home. I am amazed at how organized he is. How ready he is to be on his own. He knows just what he wants and just what he doesn't want. Even knows what color towels, linens and dishes he wants. This is good.

Then from out of nowhere it hit me.

Sunday morning we are walking out of Mass and we stop to talk with Fr. Tift who has kept up with the lives of Justin and Jason since they were wee ones. He asks Justin when he will be leaving for school and pulls him off to the side for a Blessing. That was it. I can't hear all the words Fr. Tom is saying but it's probably all the better. I catch the part as we pray for his safety until he comes home for his first vacation. Funny how tears coming from your eyes could affect your ears ability to hear.

Guess it's just one of those things I can't explain. Thank you Fr. Tift.