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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Okay gang - here's the next challenge...

Mob Blog. Yes that's it - your next challenge. And just so you know, adults, that stands for mobile blogging. You can basically set up your phone to post to the blog of your choice - the main one - or your personal one. You can go to to get all the instructions but there are a number of steps involved so read up and give it a shot. You actually need to do it twice - depending on how your phone operates - one for uploading pics and one for simple text messages. I've done it for both ways on my phone - and so far we've got Michael able to upload messages but since he's on Windows not Palm it's not liking his picture sending so that might not work. Anyway keep us all posted on how the mob blog goes ... and stay tuned - Michael heads out tomorrow for Sturgis so hopefully if he can get a signal somewhere up there in the Black Hills, he'll send a note. He's been in contact with my friend Joe from Ohio so hopefully they can hook up. Well off to bed soon so they can roll out early. See ya'll.


  • By the way - if you want to set up your phone to go to the main home page of the blog - you first have to accept the invitation I sent a while ago and officially become a 'contributor' to that site. Happy blogging.

    By Cathy aka CS loves MS, At August 1, 2007 11:06 PM  

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