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Thursday, July 5, 2007

You all have been invited to contribute ...

Hi there everyone. Justin brought up a good point when he first checked out this blog deal. He commented that it would be good for everyone to be able to contribute to the 'home page' of The Komyanek Family blog - instead of just their own particular blog page. So ... instead of waiting another 3 years for this to happen, I took care of it right away. (Ok the truth is - I'm still a bit in vacation mode. Michael and I took some 'mental health' time early this week and then yesterday of course we were off - and today I'd like to be off!) So my assistant is hard at work next to me - and I'm fooling with my family blog and hoping no clients have wandered upon this yet!

So you all have been invited to contribute - but the email has been sent to your 'komyanek family' email address (which is what I needed to create to create a Google account for you - which was needed to create the Blogger account ...) so I will send you all instructions on how to access this email - and I'll send that to your regular email account.

Komyanek family adults - I know I have confused you here. Just ask the nearest Komyanek family kid for help! (Luckily they are all together right now!)

Happy blogging.


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