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Sunday, July 15, 2007

From Rain to Mosquitos and Back to Rain

So we're back to where we started from here in Houston. After this low pressure system sat over us for like a month or more and it rained every day in a row forever, it finally moved on and gave us a few days of a break. Granted we never had a totally blue sky just some nice puffy white, non-rain clouds with a touch of blue and even the sun for a moment or two. Then came the mosquitos. Even when I was walking at a pretty good clip at my Island Retreat they managed to land on me and start feasting. Must have forgotten to eat my garlic laden hummus the day before! And so now we are back to rain - at least 50% as long as the forecast goes. Didn't stop me this morning - I went for a walk anyway. Even with my rain jacket I got totally soaked but it was fun. It wasn't totally pouring cats and dogs but it was certainly more than a drizzle. Well that's about all that is new here. We're just working like crazy (not on the house yet though!) and Michael has caught Sturgis fever again this year thanks to his brother! They are going together so Michael is getting into vacation mode already! This will likely be my Sunday night email so I hope you all have tuned in!


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